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Round cocktail picks, if regularly used as toothpicks, will cause damage to your teeth and gums.


Round cocktail sticks will cause damage to the teeth and gums because their round shape does not fit naturally between the interdental spaces.
Their shape forces the teeth away from each other, loosening the teeth. This can result
in crooked teeth, infection or even the loss of teeth.
Dental Picks are triangular toothpicks developed with the spaces between teeth in mind. The picks shape is an isosceles triangle; its two sides will clean the teeth and its base will massage the gums. Unlike the round pick, the dental pick fits nicely between narrow spaces. This causes no damage or strain to the teeth and gums so you can keep them strait and healthy.
People will often carry and use these picks for dental care after meals. In countries with a well developed dental hygiene industry, these types of picks are widely used. They are the toothpick of choice. In Europe these dental picks are often referred to as gum massagers and as stimulators in the U.S.A. because the base efficiently massages/stimulates your gums as you clean.
Dental picks are often connected usually in sets of 20~25 pieces. However they can easily be separated for convenience while eating out.

We use birch wood from Hokkaido to produce our Dental Picks.