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Dental peeling sponge

Peel away daily stains with our handy sponge


Our sponges, made from micron-pressed melamine foam, remove tough stains from the surface of teeth. Our product is non-abrasive. Yet, can achieve fantastic results. If used once a week, it can help maintain a bright smile.
To use, apply water to a pressed melamine foam tip and remove stains by rubbing  against your teeth. Our product is safe for you and your teeth. Please note this product is not for teeth whitening, it will only remove stains.

Daily life can cause unpleasant stains on your teeth.

Red wine, Green tea, Tabaco, Cola, Coffee or Tea among the many items that can spoil the appearance of your teeth.

Your teeth are not smooth, each tooth has thousands of tiny indentations (2-3 microns), food and other particles can before trapped in these indentations.
   The particles of toothpaste (5-10 microns) are too big to fit in these indentations.

   So that stains are not removed by brushing.
Effect of the peeling sponge

We performed a test to show the effectiveness of our cleaning sponge. We stained a porcelain cup with tea. By rubbing with a wet peeling sponge, we were able to remove all traces of the stains. As you can see, it has transferred to the sponge.